Northern Tuscany

Welcome to the beauty of Northern Tuscany!

We combine hikes over wine fields with the spectacular Apennines - the mountain range that runs along Italy's "legs" - as well as stay in the incredibly picturesque medieval pearl of Lucca.

We are offered a more mountainous landscape than one might otherwise associate with this region. Tuscany has a very rich history to share - from the Etruscans (whence the name Tuscany derives) up to and including Napoleon's colonialization - which we will tell you more about during the journey of course.

The wine area we wander through is called Monte Carlo and produces excellent red and white wines, on one time imported French vines. The surroundings are of course incredibly beautiful and the wineries we visit will show up with long tables for lunch in their wine cellars.

In the Apennines, we hike with local mountain guides, where we pass through trails and passages with spectacular views and interesting history to share. We live in a mountain village that has completely developed into a self-sufficient eco-village and is housed in renovated small stone houses that offer a unique experience in itself. The food is fantastic, cooked with great care and in copious amounts. And of course entirely based on the farm's own products.

We spend one evening inside Lucca, which offers a myriad of streets, alleys, small fine restaurants and the famous wall, 4 km long, that surrounds the city. It is so wide that you can walk up it in a leisurely stroll around the entire historic Lucca, or why not take your morning-jogg, while having the opportunity to view all the city's towers and buildings from different angles.

We look forward bring you into our favourite area of Tuscany!

Northern Tuscany

"What's included" shortly

  • Accommodation & breakfast (3+1 nights) on fantastic agritourisms and in Lucca

  • Extraordinary lunches & dinners with wine / beverage packages

  • Wine tastings & guided tours at exclusively selected wineries

  • Guided trekking in the Apennines
  • Experienced guiding of places, history and enology (wine theory) on our walks through the landscape

  • 10 - 15 km walks daily in a comfortable pace 
  • Transfer to/from airport and between accomodations 


  • 10 Oct - 14 Oct, 2024